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in defense of amor sui


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I am a modern, sophisticated, fierce and independent woman! I live to achieve. I am consumed with personal growth and professional development and I refuse to waste my time on anything that lacks a clear, coherent value proposition.

I learned in art school about the principle of form following function and I immediately identified with the economy and efficaciousness of the idea. But let’s be bold about this! Let’s dispense with the form part of the equation. Who needs it!? From now on consider function as a strict utilitarian concept that follows only and strictly function itself!

I’m done with art. Or at least with the part of art that still wades in the sorghum of nostalgic Romanticism. Paintings, sculptures, operas, poems, plays …. USELESS ALL!!

The only purpose for art – my art – is as a vehicle to advance my career! Other art, by other artists serve only as a necessary context for the comprehensibility of my art. Therefore galleries and museums and art schools and art critics and curators and academics are inescapable and therefore important despite their tedium.

People are equally necessary as fangs in a gloomy network of mercenaries. We dance in a fragile contract of assured mutual interdependence. We not so secretly hate one another but are bound by a covenant of the craven. We euphemistically refer to each other as friends but nobody has any illusions.

I don’t mind confessing any of this in print because I am confident that no one will get past the first paragraph. The first paragraph was deliberately provocative and deliberately inconclusive. The reader is left with the impression that Danton is a sassy, strong woman – something of a role model for younger women in the way she unapologetically asserts herself.

The frank confession that follows comes as a taunt, a dare, a death wish.


Because I’m tired.


Written by dahliadanton

April 1, 2017 at 7:36 am

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